What is SCIJ Canada?

Ski, mountains, journalism, friendship. Discoveries, meetings and a well-filled world-wide Address Book. The Ski Club of International Journalists (SCIJ) has a long history going back to the middle of the 20th Century.


1955: Cold War. Europe is cut in half by the Iron Curtain. Journalists from Western countries working in European capitals still get to meet journalists from the Eastern Block. Despite political differences, links are being forged. Then, a French and a Swiss journalists come up with the somewhat crazy idea of using a common passion, skiing, to organize meetings outside of the professional arena.


These sports meetings will serve as pretexts to meet year after year, while gathering material for unique stories from the countries visited. They also give the opportunity to discuss political, economic or professional issues.

Journalistes SCIJ

Throughout the years, journalists members of the Ski Club have hit the slopes in most countries where mountains and snow are available.

Spiced up with friendly downhill and cross-country ski races, the one-week meetings have often taken place in France, Switzerland or Italy. But also in the Czech Republic, Argentina, Japan, Morocco, Turkey, Bulgaria and... Canada, three times!


International meetings on Canadian soil:

  • 1963: Banff, Alberta
  • 1995: Mont Ste. Anne and the Massif, Quebec
  • 2011: Banff, Lake Louise and Canmore, Alberta

Founded in 1962, SCIJ Canada is the Canadian chapter of a much larger club made up of about 40 national associations. Today, most of our members come from Quebec and speak French. But all professional journalists, whether French or English-speaking, who love to ski are welcome!