Ski Races

Ski Races

Journalists take part in a Giant Slalom and a Cross-country ski race, whatever their ski level, during the International Meeting. The friendly competitions take place in a good and fun atmosphere. They spice up the week with trophies or medals for the top three skiers. In the mountain villages hosting journalists from around the world, banners in various languages welcome locals to the "World Championship of Journalists". Local officials take part in the official medal ceremonies.

No need to panic! While many journalists are also excellent skiers who can impress with their times and their tight racing suits, most competitors are more relaxed. They strive to challenge themselves, do the best they can and improve on their usual times. Indeed, it can be quite a challenge to go down a racing course without missing a gate or to gracefully complete a Nordic ski race when unfamiliar with the sport (as is the case for a number of Downhill skiers).

The ambience during these races is unforgettable. Numbered bibs distributed by each team's captain, live animation and music at the finish line. Experts help out beginners, there are cheers, laughs and applause. A professional photographer to capture technique and style. Countless selfies before and after with friends from all countries, epic stories and passionate analyses. And the ultimate reward prepared by the Dutch Team at the end of the Cross-country race year after year: a well-deserved traditional pea soup.

Pictures taken during Giant Slalom and Cross-country ski races